The Railway Hotel

Station Road

West Horndon


CM13 3TL


01277 811 340

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 12noon- Midnight

Friday-Saturday: 12noon - 1am

Sunday: 12 noon - Midnight


The Railway Hotel
The Railway Hotel

Snacks and meals

We serve snacks all through the day. A selection from our winter menu is set out below:



Light Bites

Warm, Crusty Baguettes

Served with a salad garnish, crisps and your choice of filling:

BLT, Cheese & Onion (V), Cheese, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Tuna, Prawns



Freshly Made Sandwiches

Served with a salad garnish, crisps and your choice of filling:

BLT, Cheese & Onion (V), Cheese, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Tuna, Prawns, Fish Fingers



Filled Jacket Potatoes

Choose from a selection of fillings - Tuna & Sweetcorn, Baked

Beans, Melted Cheddar, Coleslaw, Bacon, Prawns

Served with a salad garnish

1 filling - £5.00

2 filling - £5.50

3 filling - £6.00


Sirloin Steak Baguette

Sizzling sirloin steak and sauteed onions served in a warm crusty baguette with chips and salad




Served with a salad garnish and your choice of filling:      

Cheese, ham, mushroom, pepper, onion, tomato








1 filling- £5.00

2 filling - £5.50

3 filling - £6.00





Fresh Soup of the day

Served with a crusty roll 



Prawn Cocktail

Juicy Atlantic prawns, served on shredded iceberg lettuce  with a Marie Rose sauce 



Breaded Mushrooms

Crispy breaded button mushrooms served on a bed of lettuce with a choice of dip - ask for available dips



Sticky BBQ Ribs

A juicy mini stack of ribs smothered in smoky BBQ sauce served on a bed of shredded salad leaved
















Aberdeen Angus Quarter Pounder

100% beef burger, chargrilled served in a soft bun with crispy lettuce, fried onions, gourmet chips and salad.

Why not add bacon and cheese for 50p each?



Sausages and Mash

Cumberland sausages served on a bed of creamy mash with fried onions and gravy



8oz Rump Steak

Mouth watering steak cooked to your personal preference served with gourmet chips, garden peas, fried onion rings and a grilled tomato

Try your steak sizzling with a blue cheese melt for £1 extra



Grilled succulent Gammon Steak

Served with gourmet chips, peas and your choice of either a free-range egg or juicy pineapple



Traditional Beef Lasagne

Layers of beef, fresh pasta, and a rich tomato sauce served with gourmet chips, garlic bread and a side salad


Cod and Chips

Fresh thick cut cod fillet, beer battered and served with gourmet chips and garden peas









Scampi and Chips

Juicy breaded whole-tail scampi served with gourmet chips, garden peas, salad garnish and tartar sauce 


All Day Brunch

Two Cumberland sausages, two rashers of crispy bacon, a free-range egg, gourmet chips, a slice of fresh bread and either baked beans or tomatoes










Local Pie of the Day

A hearty locally produced Steak & Ale of Chicken & Mushroom pie served with fresh peas and your choice of gourmet chips, new potatoes or creamy mash and gravy



Ceaser Salad

Crisp Iceberg lettuce, shaved parmesan, crunchy croutons and creamy ceaser dressing

Add Chicken for £1



Hunters Chicken

Juicy chicken breast wrapped in bacon, smothered in melted cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, served with gourmet chips, garden peas and a salad garnish



Lamb Shank

Slow cooked lamb shank served in a rosemary and red wine sauce, with fluffy mash and crisp fresh vegetables



All served with a choice of ice-cream, fresh cream or custard 


Spotted Dick

A hot and fluffy sponge, filled with raisins and currants



Chocolate Pudding

moist chocolate pudding smothered in chocolate sauce


Treacle Sponge

Steamed sponge drizzled with golden syrup







Apple and blackberry flapjack crumble

Hot apple and blackberry filling with a chewy oat top



Creme Brulee

Creme brulee served with cardamom shortbread



Ice Cream

Ask your served for today's selection



Cheese and biscuits

Selection of cheese, biscuits and chutneys


Children's menu



Jolly John’s garlic bread (v)

Crispy, crunchy garlic bread fingers

Add cheese for 50p extra


Susan’s super-duper soup

Please ask for today’s flavours, served with a hot crusty roll.




Buried treasure

Golden nuggets of succulent chicken, served with your choice of chips, mash or salad



Smashing sausages

Succulent and juicy pork sausages, served with your choice of chips or mash 



Pirate’s platter

Aye aye, me hearties!  Yummy fish fingers, served with your choice of chips, mash or salad





Tomato Twirls (v)

Twists and twirls of pasta covered in a tasty tomato sauce


Scrummy Scampi

Mini bites of yummy breaded scampi served with your choice of chips, mash or salad, and mushy or garden peas

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